2008 NZ Novice Kendoka Champs

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2008 New Zealand Novice Kendoka Champs Official Information

Dear Kendo Friends

The New Zealand Novice Kendoka Open Championship 2008 will held in the Waikato Kendo Club, Hamilton at 1st November, please find attachment of the registration form for the championship, please complete and send the form back no later than 10 of October 2008 (Dead Line).

Purposes of the tournament:

i. To provide more opportunities for new kendoka to get together and enhance their shiai experiences.

ii. To provide opportunities for veteran kendoka to grooming shinpan for kiwis.

Name: The 1st New Zealand Novice Kendoka Open Chamioonship.

Entry fee: $30 per head.
Free lunch will be provided by the hosting organization.

Venue: SOE Gym, Gate 4, University of Waikato. Hillcrest Rd. Hamilton.

Date: 1st November, 2008.

Time draft: 8~9am shinpan seminar, The shiai will start right after the seminar.

Participants: the competition only eligible for people who currently train/learn in New Zealand Dojo which current affiliate to the New Zealand Kendo Federation (NZKF).


Junior division: 12 and 13 years old
Youth division: 14 and 15 years old.
Adult men's kyu division: 16 years old and above.
Women's kyu division: 16 years old and above.
Adult men's Dan division: for 1st and 2nd dan only.
Adult women's Dan division: for 1st and 2nd dan only.

Note: If the participants’ number of any division is less than 5 people, we will locate the participants to other division. For example: there are only 2 participants in junior division, they will be put to the Youth division automatically.

Cheques payable to the "Waikato Kendo Club", to be posted to arrive or before by Friday, 31st October 2008. Please post to: Waikato Kendo Club, P.O. Box 4329, Hamilton, 3247
Contact email: waikatokendo(at)gmail.com

We request each club sends a single cheque.

Main personnel for organising the event are Marleen.


Ps. Some photos about the event are available HERE! (2008-11-04 updated!)