An awarding evening -- 2009 Blues Award

Oh, what a night!!!

Just before Rembuden Taikai, I received an official letter from University Waikato informing me that I have been nominated to the WALLACE CORPORATION UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO BLUES Award, and will accept the award on 9th October, 6.00pm.

I published this news to our emailing list and gave invitation. Thanks to Jeffrey and Ya-Yi, Annie, Amigo, Leo and Amy, Awatea, Clement, Adam and Debbie making themselves available for me to make me have a real awarding evening.

It started from 5.40PM. Awatea dressed his formal suit and drove his blue pumpkin carriage arriving my house preparing to pick me up even without a notice in advance. I was so surprised by his thoughtful and lovely manner when I was expecting Debbie to meet me at my home. Because I planed to bear with my sore lower back driving ourselves to the venue. That moment, I feel myself is a modern Cinderella.

As usual, we are the only one and the strongest team in any event when we all get together.

Everybody look so different comparing with dressed in Gi and Hakama. Even myself. Haha. I would like to apply Debbie's words regarding my dress. She said, 'Sam doesn't know what he has missed'. I think her words applying to the evening as well although this is my 2nd time to have the award.

Same as Kendo cut, each strike is a unique strike in the same evening. Each day is a different day of our life.

I met my thesis supervisor from Sport and Leisure studies Dr. Clive Pop and his lovely wife, and had a very good chat. When it's about time, we all moved toward our table. Unfortunately, each table can only seat 12 people so that we have to move Awa and Clement to sit with others. However, they were seating close to us. Therefore, we didn't miss too much with each other.

Along with the progress of the night, we met so many extraordinary young and professional people from Olympic or World Champs. We feel really honored. The venue made me think of the sentence I heard in Christchurch, 'we decided to be extraordinary...'.

Thanks to Clement's mid efforts to nominate me.

I deeply believe, 2010 will be our team's year in Blues Award evening.


Sam Tsai said…
I know what I have missed.

And, I am working hard to avoid missing more. :)