Training 29 July 2006

First of all, welcome to the new beginners just joined us this term. I sincerely hope that you will find Kendo is enjoyable and make it your life companion.

All WKC members are welcome to post comment on this blog. If you are interested to be a co-author of this blog, please let me know. Also, please let me know if you already have a blog.

Regarding the training yesterday, fews points come to my mind:

1. I found the the new training programme organised by Marleen is beneficial and enjoyable. Having Kakari-geigo between ji-geiko is helpful to remain our focus and physical flexibility. This is specially good for senior members.

However, it is also beneficial for those who just put on bogu. Although you might feel it is tough, it will definately speed up your Kendo growth.

2. For those who have passed 7th Kyu, I think it is important that you can have your own bogu as soon as possible. Bogu is essential to your next level of Kendo learning and training. There is also an important issuse in safety.

Our club has tried very hard to get good deals for purchasing your bogu. Please feel free to discuss with me or Walter about your budget or ask questions about bogu. Club also has some bogu for you to rent. You are expected to pay a deposit and a monthly rental fee. Bogu is actually "cheaper" that you think!

3. Again, for those who have already put on bogu, please find time to attend the Thursday training at Fairfield Intermediate School Gym. This will help you develop your Kendo level, too.

4. Regular training in Kendo is very important. Please note that "regular" training does not mean "exhausted" every time. Our training programme has been well organised and try to fit most members' levels. Therefore, if we all can come regularly, all of our level will develop in similar speed. I think this is what most members want, isn't it?

Please feel free to share your thought or training reflection HERE.

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Leo said…
Personally I felt Saturday’s training very changeling, I think it was a good training for all of us. It requires us to use 100% of our fitness and willpower in the training. I believe our Kendo will improve very fast.
Katsu said…
I felt vevy good to having Kakari keiko and Ji-keiko everytime. And also sohrter time kakarikeiko and Ji-keiko is good for me to keep the consentration.

I thing I found about myself was that I did not care about oppornents in Ji-keiko. So is was same as Kakarikeiko. Then I could not get 1pon.

The most important thing in Knedo is eye. Saturday's training remaind me this.