Raea: Brotherhood in Kendo

We beleive that the youngest New Zealand Kendoka is at our Dojo
-- Rafael is 4 years old!

He joined Kendo with his big brother Raea. 

 -Raea BainBridge -

My Kendo experience began when I was at school and a notice for all beginning to go to a meeting with Mr Tsai. I was immediately interested as all of my friends had told me stories about Mr Tsai's experience with Kendo. 

My first time doing Kendo was an awesome experience as I got to meet new people, interact with other St John's College students and meet the senpai. I was ecstatic when I got graded to 7th Kty and from that I am determined to do my best so that I can represent my college at the end of the year.

My brother Rafael joined Kendo to be with me as it is something that him and I can do together. He was proud of getting his own shanai and getting graded. 

Thank you to everybody for all the support that you have given my brother Rafael.


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