Grading Results - 26 January 2008

Congratulations to the following members who succeeded in the recent Kendo Grading on 26 january 2008.

Ni Kyu (2nd Kyu)
- Darrin Meynell
- Ari Nuttall-Parton
- Andrew Freser
- Min Gi Kim

4th Kyu
- Douglas Ferris
- Awatea Williams
- Kevin Peng
- Clement Guo
- Omar Soemadipradja
- Ming Seong Kim

6th Kyu
- Amy Chuang
- Ann Chuang
- Annie Ko
- Tian Li
- Wen Luo

7th Kyu
- William Chuang

Also, on behalf of the Club, I would like to thank Marleen, Robin and Sam for being the grading panel, Yayi for being the motodachi, Ruby for taking the video camera, and Diane for taking the photos.