Fill an ACC Form

Last evening, I visited Anglesea Clinic because my hand have been hurt badly. However, I was not able to fill the ACC form myself. Therefore, the receptionist helped me.

She asked me, 'what is your occupation?'
I replied her with 'martial art instructor'.

She then asked me, 'how did you get injured?'
I replied her, 'hit by my students'.

Then she laught and said, 'they must be very good students'.
I replied nothing but only smiled to her words.

After two hours long waiting, the GP asked me the same question with curiosity.
I replied him the same reason.

Then he responsed me the same words as the receptionist.

I replied him with 'for people in the starter level, it's really hard to manage their own power...'

I succfully stop the GP's laught with a good reason :)


Sam Tsai said…
Te-no-uchi means that we need to "stop" our ourselves with proper techniques.

Please understand that "more power" does not mean "better," or either "faster".

Please do not hurt each other anymore.

For very basic concept about te-no-uchi, please visit: