Training on 26th Feb. 08

Waikato Kendo Club
Tuesday 26th Feb. 2008
6.10 – 9.00pm

A. Management
1. Organising Club day volunteers.
2. Organising FF children’s day volunteers.

B. Training

I. Warm up time
*Jumping suburi 20 + Fast jumping suburi 10 x 3
1. Kirikaishi x 3
2. Big semei M 5 x 4
3. Big K-M 5 x 4
4. Small semei M 3 x 3
5. Small K-M 3 x 3
6. Small K-M Hiki D 3 x 3
7. Small M Hiki M 3 x 3

** 5 minutes break.

II. Stage One -- Kakari-geiko with set movement

1. Start with Big M strike, Finished with big M strike as well.
2. Variation between KM/ KM hiki M/ KM hiki D/ M hiki M/ M hiki D

** 5 minutes break

III. Waza Practicing – temp stop because not enough Big strike.

IV. Free shiai Keiko with Senpai-- Leo/ Amigo/ Robin R./ Do-Hun/ Andrew F.
Get commend from senpai after Rei.

C. Afterward note…

Training -- I feel most students really improved a LOT such as Annie Ko/ Clark/ Clement/ Amy/ Ann... I tend not to say too much during the training because I deeply believe the time (students make sense about certain techniques) will come. I just make proper to bring them up.

Myself -- My back of right hand been hurt badly so that I went to Anglesea Pharmacy looking for medicine to settled the swelling after training. However, the pharmacist was so shocked by my injury. They refusd to give any medicine and insisted me to GP next door. Therefore, I have been X-rayed. After nearly two hours long waiting. Finally, the Dr. read my Xray film and make sure my bone is fine. GP told me that my bigger blood vessels have been hurt badly so that causing blood burst out. That's causing BIG swelling. I have been told need to ice my hand for all day today to get the running blood settled.

Chief Instructor: Marleen Charng