Seme and Footwork

Text forwarded from Marleen's Facebook:

Sato Sensei, Kitamoto 2014 

Utsunomiya sensei & Sakimoto San, Tokyo 2014 

I asked Sato sensei after Farewell Party @ Kitamoto Camp a question about Seme.
I said, "Sensei, is there anyway we could train to make stronger Seme?"
Sato snesei gently held my hand and told me, 
"NO. strong Seme comes from good Suri-ashi".

One day later, I had the honor to obtain Mutsumi Utsunomiya sensei's instruction. He showed me how it works.
Since then, footwork means more to me.



Some following conversation on Facebook ...

Important point is not breaking down kamae, any time.
But in fact, it is very difficult.
 · 5 October at 22:14

Dear sensei, I couldn't agree with you any more about "not breaking down kamae any time". 
There is a instance from training yesterday. I get to the point I can strike but I was not able to do as I was at the moment of breath in. Thus, I found breath control needs to match with seme.

I was too rush to tell you about the instance, forgot to say THANK YOU to your kind reminding 
I will try my best not to break down my kamai 

Don't worry. I'm happy heard that you got another important thing, breath control with seme.
"Not breaking down kamae" is too seriously. 
When one's kamae is effective, another one is not in mai.
And a waste action is not appeared, so we are moved by the way (behavior ).
Let't try!

Thank you Sensei for the clarification 
I will try my best to learn to manage both (Kamai & breath) while seme in to my opponent every time in training