Friday, July 28, 2006

Training 27 July 2006

The idea of sharing the training reflection via our club's blog came to my mind after training yesterday at Fairfield Intermediate school. Hope the members attended the training will support the idea.

There are at least three ways to share our ideas. One is to set set up your own Kendo training blog and let me know the URL. I will add it to here.

The second one is that you can just post a comment here. This should be the easiest way to do.

Or, you can apply an account here and I will make as a co-auther for this blog.

OK. Starts from me ....

1. I felt very good that many new faces turned up for the training. It makes the training more enjoyable. It also reminds that I should encourage members who has put on bogu to participate the Thursday training and learn to be our club's "senior" members.

2. I was encouraged by Leo's spirit at the end of the training. I was tired already. But Leo's spirit encourages me to try harder and use my last breath. This really made me feel great. Of cource, I need to thank Marleen by organising a great training program that maximise my fitness.

3. Also, it is important to set certain Kendo time for yourself such as Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Regular training is important for the growth of our Kendo, especially we have good instructors with us already.

I hope this can become a routine of our sharing after each training, so it is your turn now....

Finally, if you have your own blog, please LET ME KNOW.

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