Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ari's band - The Dusk

Grading in 2008 January

We (The Dusk) are playing tonight (9 Oct)! Possible slightly late notice...

At around ten thirty at the Flow Bar on Victoria St. It's part of the mammoth band experiments, you can learn more about it at:

or visit our myspace at:

if you can't make it but are still keen to listen some of our songs :-)

Anyway that's it lol.
thanks heaps,

+ + + + + Follow Up + + + + +

Howdy folks,

My Band (The Dusk) have come runners up in the mammoth band experiments competition. which was pretty good fun by the way! :-)

However if we are going to play in the finals of this competition we need all your votes. Stenn, Liam and I would really apreciate it if all you guys could help us out by voting for our band at this link:

Don't forget we're The Dusk!

Thanks heaps,Ari.

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