Journal - 01 August 2006

Dear All,

First of all, our August Kata session will be moved to Saturday 05 August.

First hour will still be the beginner session. Amigo will take the training and its mainly doing what you have learned for suburi but using Bokken (wooden sword). After 4pm, it is for the senior members for learning 1st to 3rd Kata. Beginners are also welcome to participate.

Secondly, from Thursday 03 August to Sunday 06 August is New Zealand Kendo Federation's annual seminar, Championship, grading and also the NZ Team for 13th World Kendo Championship. This year is held at Invercargill Kendo Club (we had this event in 2002).

Many of our senior members will need to particiapte the event. I am hoping we can have more members to participate this great event. Next year will be back to North Island.

Thirdly, please note that sharing the training reflection is not limited to senior members. All beginners are also welcome to share thoughts or asking questions.

I believe that Kendo is a starnge thing to most beginners. :)

Hope to hear/read more thought from you here and see you next week.

Kind regards,