Grading results on 21 April 2007

Here are the results for those who participated in the grading on 21st April hosted by Stevenson sensei (6th Dan) from Auckland Kendo Club, NZKF.

6th Kyu
Nicolas Stuyck
Michael Taiopa

5th Kyu
James Lee
Min-Seong Kim
Min-Gi Kim
Christopher Mo
Joshua Mo
Ari Nuttall-Parton
Jack Huang
Wen-Bin Zhang (Ken)

4th Kyu
Ta-Wei Chen (David)
Andrew Fraser
Darrin Meynell

1st Kyu
Ruby Huang

First of all, congratulations to all of you.

The second, we will have another grading on 12th May along with our Beginners Cup for who couldn't make it this time. Hope you seize the time to every training from now on.

Again, your success on Kendo journey depends on how much efforts that you have put in.Let's work together to achieve another level on August National Camp.

The photos are available HERE (Thanks to Leo).

Kind regards
Marleen ^-^