Seminar - 27th June 2009

Dear WKC members ^^

Most of you know that we will have a grading seminar on 27th June (Saturday from 2pm to 6pm), just 3 weeks before the NZKF seminar.

** Beginners from 2009a are allowed to attend the seminar as well. For Alan sensei will run a Kata session with Bokuto.

According to panel, we can grade to 1st Dan.

More detail will be issued after Alan sensei get plan back to me.

However, Graham (president of NZKF) hopes to encourage people holding 3kyu and above title to make their efforts attend the NZKF seminar's grading.

My view, it means people with 3 kyu and above have two options.

You can make your own decision then let me know how you think of.

A very important thing is:

Unless you have work or family commitment, please do attend both seminar.

These are very unusual opportunities for you to meet other Kendoka and increase your Kendo experiences.

Cheers ...