An invaluable speech about Education

Dear All,

Here is a YouTube linkage to share with you.

15 years ago, by chance, I had an in-depth conversation with a scholar from Cornell University who does research on the area of Anthropology. What I learned from him from the conversation is about: an individual is the product of a collective culture, on the other hand, an individual helps forming the collective culture.

Year by year, I make more sense about his theory.

Regarding education, we all play certain part in our daily live as a brother, sister, uncle, aunt, mum, dad or grand parents...even Dojo team mates.

I do hope if any of you made your mind wanting to be a teacher in any school level, please spare your time to watch this film. Thank you.

Again, the linkage is:

Your Kendo coach


Sam Tsai said…
In terms of education and "Kendo education", each one of us are all very important if we would spare a thought on what Kendo means to us and our lifes.
MrWoody said…
This video clip really appeals to me as i believe mainstream education works hard to kill creativity whilst claiming that they wish to encourage it.
I personally try to allow creativity and individualism in my classroom and often get knocked back by "the System" that really promotes uniformity and compliance.
Of course, these things can be useful also.

As for Kendo, it is a wonderful way to take on board life lessons such as commitment ["haha Mr Woody", I hear you all saying], courage, concentration, and many more things.

I hope to see you soon :-)