Team Waikato at the 16th Rembuden Taikai 2015

Congratulations to our Team Waikato they have made very excellent achievement in the 16th Rembuden Taiki.

Kai Yoshitani won Men's senior Dan 1st Place,

Jordan Te Wharau won Men's junior Dan 2nd Place, and

Team made up by Felix, Jordan & Kai won 3rd Place from Inter-Club competition while our Team Awa, Leon, Spyke and Team Kevin, Joseph, Antony performed excellent in other matches.

A very big THANK YOU to our extremely supportive supporters - Nicole, Jing, Catherine, David. 

Except Kai, Awa and Kevin, rest of our team is still on the way driving home when I am publishing this good news to you.

Now, let's make another peak in 2015 Novice Championships!