2017 Yamagami sensei Seminar - Jason


Reflection on the seminar with Yamagami Sensei and the students.
Jason Nguyen, 1st kyu, male.


At first I only found it interesting to see the three female students of Yamagami Sensei walking into the dojo in order, at the same pace and then sitting down at the same time. It was like a marching.

Then I had a chance to practice the basic waza in a synchonised group of two pairs. This is a great experience because not only I tried to focus on myself and my motodachi but I also observed what was going on with the other pair. It was not easy for me though but I understood the importance to improve my awareness of the surroundings and to synchronise.

Strategies in fighting

I learned the strategies: strike at the same time or just before the opponent makes their move; induce the opponent to make their move and then strike; block and strike.
At my level I could not follow what is going on in the fighting because of very fast pace but I will practice and train to see what is really going on in the fighting.

Make a snapping strike

I learned how to hold the shinai with the left hand's ring finger and little finger, and practice to make a snapping sound with the strike.

I will need to practice a lot on this as well.

I really appreciate the opportunity for me to participate in the seminar with Yamagami 
Sensei and the students from Japan. I will need to practice more in order to understand more of the teachings.