Chris - Kendo and Me

“SHOGAN” a program in the late seventies which hooked me on the Japanese ethos of the period and sparked my interest for my martial arts passion was then born “BUSHIDO” the way of the warrior.

After many years participating in several different full contact arts the path has lead me to KENDO” and after an interest in “KENJUTSU” or the art of the sword it was a natural step. A quick search on the internet and I found “WAIKATO KENDO ASSOCIATION” venue at the university basket ball hall gate 4, “Great!” nice and close to home, I turned up and used proper DOJO etiquette and was welcomed in.

After a hello and handshake with Sensai Sam Tasi and a few after club members I took a seat to watch. After years of playing hard and a few major motorcycles accidents in life as motorcycling is my other passion, this art still gives me a good work out and is easy on my worn joints this is great.

After 8 months of being part of the Waikato Kendo Association family I am enjoying every minute spent surrounded with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm the club has. After 3 months of wearing the full “BOGU” or body amour I feel at home, with great camaraderie amongst the club mates and interaction with the young ones, it gives me good self pride to be part of this great club.

Being a contact sport the rush of full contact “SHANAI ON SHANAI” “ DO ON DO” is where its at for me and watching Sensei Sam, Sensei Marleen and other senior club members move, strike and Ki-ai with the passion they do this is the goal for me.

So if you are interested in a art that will give you good cardio, flexibility and good old fashion discipline and a great way to shake off everyday life then try it! This is my beginning of a road long and winding and with a good friend and a great club I look forward to the next time we gather to put on our “BOGU” and dance.

Thanks Chris