Some thoughts about the training last night - DABAO

Hello everyone,

This is my first time to write a group mail, so exciting!

I really really enjoy the training last night, it was great! it was my first time using a "stick" to fight someone legally in this country! :)

It also was my first time to fight (keiko) with senior people from dojo, I really appreciate for their selfless help! My first fight was with Terry senpai, he was really fast! and he gave me a really tough training. (thank you very much, Terry).

After the first fight, I thought I really ran out my energy and I said to Marleen "now, I know why you always tell us Kendo is so hard!" I think we can obviously improve our physical and psychological energy via the kendo training. Last night I only did two fights, but I believe after several this kind of training, I can do more fights than before.

Here, I should say thank you to everyone in dojo ! Thank you very much for "fighting"with me.

Tian /(DABAO)

p.s. FAREWELL Benjamin! I think we will see each other again one day! so please be happy, Man!:)