2008 B Beginners Hakama grading

It was a successful grading for our 2008B Beginners on 20th November 2008.

Michell T.
Joseph C.
Patrick T.
Daniel M.
Adam W.
David W.
Grant P.
Mark V.
Reina H.
Rachel H.
Dabbie P.
Alba C.
Robin C.

Congradulations to all of you who challenged and passed your first grading in your kendo journey.

A very BIG thank you to our panel senpai:

Amigo Huang
Leo Lin
Clement Guo
and demonstration from

Fightoooooo...... everyone ^^


MrWoody said…
Thank you very much - it was a great honour and an enjoyable experience.
What grade are we now?
Sam Tsai said…
Hello MrWoody,

I guess that you are 8th Kyu now? :)
MrWoody said…
Thanks Sam - I look forward to donning my first Hakama :-)