Humility - Mark V

Photo taken on 2008-11-20 WKC Beginners Grading

Date: Thu, Dec 18, 2008
New Subject - Humility.

I came home this evening from our last 2008 beginners practice (which seemed to go so quickly!!) and I opened my gift from Sensei Marlene. Upon reading the comments held within from my fellow Kendoka and Sensei Marlene, I can truly say that this was the most humbling gift I have ever received.

Much like yourself, 4 months ago, I turned up to a "Hall" at the University of Waikato with a group of nervous strangers, wishing to find out more about something called "Kendo". Since then, no matter what has been transpiring in our personal lives, we have all continued to meet every Thursday evening in that "hall" for an hour and a half, being taught things which I would not have even imagined doing, let alone achieving in my every day life.

Today, that "Hall" is our Dojo - It is our kendo home were we now all come together as one, to learn and practice the martial ( & mental ) art of Kendo.

I have been privileged to meet such a diverse & cool group of people such as yourselves, who under the guidance and sage tutelage of our Sensei & Sempai, I have personally experienced something greater than just belonging to a "club" - that is learning, enjoyment, improved wellbeing and more importantly - new friendships.

Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas, Kanpai & Fighto in 2009!

Mark V


Waikato Kendo said…
Wow, inspiring words there Mark.

I'd just like to mention that it has been my pleasure to help out in the beginners' class. I've forged new friendships and future competitors ha ha. It is great to see such a friendly and eager atmosphere during class. I understand that kendo started as something new and foreign, but everyone has progressed at a truly frightening pace. If everyone continues their learning of kendo at this speed, it will give us sempais a run for our money!

Thanks, I really hope to see you all next year. Let's cross swords then.