Re: Humuity - WOody

Photo taken on 2008-11-20 WKC Beginners Grading

Date: Fri, Dec 19, 2008
RE: Humility

Yes indeed, Mark, my new friend. I too arrived home and opened what was for me one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received...My wife was so delighted to read the words that others had generously shared with and about me.

I imagined the thrill that my team mates were experiencing as they too opened their precious packets of friendship.

Thank you one and all in the Waikato Kendo club - best club in NZ without doubt! It is an honour to belong.

It was also really cool to see all the young people put on their Hakama for the first time. Adam and I squirmed with frustration as we missed out on learning the new moves amongst our comrades.

But we also enjoyed getting to know each other better and discussing the details of what we were seeing in the training. In kendo we learn from each other wit hour minds as well as our bodies in training. Sensei Marleen's wisdom was shared regarding the open and generous nature of our club. The young ones among us are lucky to have such great role models as Sam and Marleen, Robin and the other senior members, as well as intelligent and thoughtful newcomers like Mark. Thanks to Adam for sharing his knowledge of the kendo forums online also.

Keep saving people - bogu may not be too far away for us if we train hard.
Lastly, I regretfully depart for Kawhia tomorrow morning so will miss out on the celebrations at training. Please have a sake for me!!!

Arigato gozaimasu

David Udi WOody :-)