Day 1 - 2016 Kendo Beginner Class

Welcome to our 2016 Kendo Beginner Class

Today's orientation programme includes:

Introducing Waikato Kendo Club

Kendo - The Way of the Sword

Dojo Kun and Etiquette


Beginners' first lining up

Dojo Senpai

Beginners' first lining up

Ice Braking & Testimony from Senior Members

First Kendo Experience led by Dojo Senpai

Group activity

End of Lesson Competition - Relay

Prize Giving

Group Photo on Saturday 5 March 2016

Welcome to all our 2016 beginners picking up shinai and 
start your Kendo journey with us.

We wish you enjoy it and 
become more handsome and more beautiful
through the Kendo training.  :-)


Thanks to Eric for keeping these great moments for us! 


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