My first day of being a senpai - Lily

Kendo experience for Beginners in groups

5/3/2016 - by Lily

It's the first time for me to write something on Facebook, cause today's Kendo training is so special! In the beginners class, I tried to explain Kendo to who never know Kendo before. It was really hard to explain everything comprehensively, but I have learnt to teach is one of the best ways to get better understanding and improving oneself. To be truth, I felt very proud of myself to get through difficulties once faced by ourselves. I also felt the patience we should have in treating with tough moment.

Moreover, in the second class, I put on Men for training. It was quite different to ordinary training. When I put on Men, the training was more serious and more close to 'real kendo'.

In short, to be relax and focused is always important throughout Kendo.


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