Nicole: Harai-Men Waza

Re: Harai-Men Waza's Training on Saturday 11/06/16:

Harai-men is a good technique to use when you and your opponent has crossed Shinai for a long time and you need to create an opening to hit men. When the timing is right, you can swiftly raise your Shinai in angle and knock your opponent's Shinai off his center line.

There's two versions of Harai-Men:

Omote - (outside, from the right)

In this version, the footwork is very similar to Kote-men that we have practice. A small Fumikomi to knock the Shinai out of the way and another fully committed Fumikomi to hit Men. Sensei mentioned, your Shinai should rubbed the Shinai of your opponent on the right side and raise your Kensen by about 45 degrees and hit downward to knock the Shinai down. The hitting should be small and subtle like small Kote-men.

Ura - (inside, from the left)

In this version, the footwork is like Kihon footwork. You Seme to get closer to your opponent, lower your Kensen, hit 45 degrees upwards on the left and then hit Men with a Fumikomi. Once again the hitting should be small and subtle.

The best timing for using this Waza is when you see your opponent has taken a step back after a long battle to gain the center line. It's important to keep the hitting small and subtle as it was meant to surprise your opponent so that they couldn't react in time to counteract. To be good at the Harai- part, we must practice how to use our left and right wrists to do the hitting just like the small Kihon Uchi.

* Thanks to Nicole R. for the taking the notes.