Training notes for week 11-17 Sep

Murakami sensei explained the correct tsuba-seiriai 

Some notes about our training on week 11-17 Sep 2011:

I think we all had a good time on Thursday's ji-geiko evening. Thanks to the members who came at the evening. As discussed, we won't have group warm-up on Thursdays. Please come earlier and get yourself ready. Hope we can start at 6.30pm sharply.

After the shiai-geigo last Saturday (10 Sep), we talked about the tsuba-zeriai situations and have some practice of hiki-men waza. I can see your tsuba-zeriai has much improved today. Of course, we still need more training and practice on hiki-men.

My plan for next week training will be:
  • continue the small-men and small-kote-men practice,
  • continue the hiki-men practice,
  • introduce one exercise to enhance leg muscle strength,
  • more kakari-geiko to enhance fitness and reaction.

* * *

As for beginners, I am pleased to see that you can well perform the first Kata of Bokuto Keikoho (other than tsuki yet). We will move to Kata Two of Bokuto Keikoho next week. Also, jump-suburi will be our main task for the coming few weeks.

Here is a video clip on Youtube for you to preview the Bokuto Keikoho.

Just two more tasks (fumikomi and kirikaeshi), and then you can have a further step from the Beginner Class. 

Finally, thanks to Scott's feedback on the Beginner Class:

Kendo is challenging and fun. 
Each week I look forward to learning new techniques 
and the chance to practice. 
There is always a good mix of humour and seriousness.

Wish you all have a nice weekend and see you next week.

Last word, I think we need to take more photos from now on and video your shiai-geiko on Saturday for both memory and review purposes.  :-)


Mazza said…
excited for tuesday!