Grading on 27/06/2009

Panel: Jason Oh, Sam Tsai & Thomas Hong

first group: Peter, Joyce, Eric, Jason & Henry

Third group: Kata exam

Jason gave comment

Jason gave comment

Dear Waikato teams,

Thanks to your passionate and support so that we can have a successful grading on 27th June.
However, please do not forget Mr. Jason Oh and Thomas Hong from Auckland. Without their contribution, we won’t make such a fruitful grading.

Here is our team who has successfully made the challenge on the Kyu grade.

Congratulations to all!!!

Boys under 20th who has achieved 6th Kyu from nil –

Henry Tang
Jason Hunag
Eric Tang (9 years old with very good vigor)
Peter Ho

Girls who has achieved 5th Kyu from nil or previous kyu

Joyce Tsai (7 years old performed outstanding ki-ken-tai itchi)
Debbie Price (with great cool mind set)
Alba Crisan (performed very calm hardly to show her shyness)

People who has achieved 4th Kyu

Adam Ward (believes ‘Kendo is a BIG mind game’)
David Woodcock (who study Kendo with a very sharp eyes and clear mind)
Sabjiv Singh (with very determinated efforts)
Joseph Chen (tried his best as he usually did)
William Chuang (13 years old)
Louis Lin (delievered his best efforts as usual)

People who has achieved 3rd Kyu with great focus on Kendo training

Tian Li (outstanding vigor)
James Huang (showed his persistence as he always did)

Person who has achieved 2nd Kyu with plenty of extra training & study

George Liu

Person who with great passionate has conquered age limitation achieved 1st Kyu

Douglas Ferris

Well done TEAMS


MrWoody said…
Wow - I bet everyone feels proud, like me, to read sensei's words about our grading. Of course, we hope to do our best to show how well our wonderful teachers train and guide us.
Thank you to Adam for helping me to relearn my kata and to Daniel for coming along to support us. This is the meaning of team work. How wonderful to also be supported by our newest team mates from the current beginners class.
I will be at training tonight to take photos for our new poster.
Robin said…
Well done everyone.