Update: Training Sat 04/07/09

Debbie's semei M strike

Kia Ora everyone

I thought I would take up Sam Sensei's challenge of sending an update out for those of you who were unable to attend training yesterday. Hopefully this will serve as a refresher for you and give you some idea of what we got up to.

Sam did suggest that we all might like to maintain a training blog for the benefit of our peers. A good way to keep in touch. Sam thought we could write in our 1st language e.g. english, chinese, mandarin etc however I thought it would be a bit cruel to write in Maori. Specially since there's only a couple of us, aye bro?... Hehehe. Ok, moving right along...

This is my account of how training went yesterday Sat 04/07/09.

My peers and senpai may like to add to or correct my comments, which is absolutely fine.

Presentation: Sam presented certificates to those who graded last Sat 27/06/09. Well done and thank you to everyone who attended (to grade, train and support).

Updates: Reduced numbers at Kendo due to holidays, sickness and other priorities. Important points; any outstanding NZKF or fees to Ann/Debbie/Adam or David, we can apply our kendo principles to our day to day lives to achieve balance, harmony and good habits, in a new phase of training so important we attend training regularly.

Warm up: Awa took this.

Tip from Sensei Marleen re side cuts. Remember to keep strong posture, tummy tight and not to lean forward when doing side cuts.

Ashi sabaki and Fumikomi: Sam lead this session with smaller groups moving up/down dojo. Combo of skipping, ashi sabaki, fumikomi and combinations of all of these. Footwork training with emphasis on achieving ken tai ichi.

-- Tip follow up right foot quickly and strong upper body strength.

Kiri-kaeshi and waza geiko. Marleen reminded us all how to strike correct men side cuts. Ensure you keep centre line and strike at 45 degree angle and not 60 degrees or more. Sam reminded us about the differences between correct kamae & seme and positioning.

Tai-a-tari and hiki waza: Sam lead the mens group & Marleen lead the ladies group in practicing the right techniques and movements. Lots of useful advice and experience shared between sensei's, senpai & kohai.

Group feedback session. Several topics and stories shared.

Main points; Kendo is for everyone regardless of age, gender, body type etc. It is about learning about yourself and tailoring your own strengths and weaknesses to overcome your opponent, we have learned to do big cuts - this is so we will have strong basic body positioning and movement to help us when we move into variations of the basic cuts.

Hopefully this is helpful.

Apologies for any misspelling or wrong referencing. Ka kite ano (see ya again...)

Debbie Price


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Thank you Debbie.