Henry - reflections from the National Camp

Dear Sam, Marleen and everybody,

Here are some reflections that I have after our Yearly National Camp I want to share with everybody.

Technical aspect:

The most important thing I have learnt this time is from Kata No. 2 and No.3.When we face to our opponent, Shinai needs to be kept on the centre line. Slightly push each other away could make the situation change. You could push your Shinai into opponents' centre line or push too hard and expose your hand.

Philosophical aspect:

Inoui Sensei made a comment about my ties behind Men wasn't even and tidy. That represent I won't have a good Zanshin. Somehow it make sense to me later (not at the first place). Inoui Sensei also asked everybody "what is the most treasured thing for ourselves ?" "Your life" that was what he revealed.

I believed that he wanted to tell us the real meaning of "Bou Do" (or we can say Kendo Martial Art) isn't about killing or hurting each other. It is about arming yourself with skill, hence avoids any unnecessary fight. Even if there comes a fight not unavoidable, You can defeat your opponent without taking away his life. Hope this make sense to you..

Cheers, Henry