Leo - what I have learned from the camp

During this camp I learn a lot from Inoue sensei.

First of all sensei teach us how to control our breath, to do continues cutting without changing your breath, though I didn't do it right at the first time but later on I start to get the idea and doing 15 men cut with 1 breath is really hard. Very impress with that Japanese girl who did the demonstration for us on that day, I believe she did 20 cuts in one breath!!!

Another thing that I learn is never use a new shinai during the camp you will get blister very easily, because the new shinai handle is too rough against your skin. I also learn how to do all five kamaie more properly now, didn't really know who to hold wakigamae properly before. Sensei also told as lot of philosophical thing including the meaning of each kata up to kata four, and how the ultimate goal or the highest level of kendo is to avoid conflict with others as much as possible. We can learn the meaning of life through kendo.

During my grading this time, I didn't feel too nervous compare to my 1st Dan grading, but I did feel a moment of blank when the gikeko started, cause I don't know what I should do and don't really know what particular points that referee are looking for, at the end I just have to fight like in normally gikeko. After the gikeko Inoue sensei told me my tenagui is little bit too low. It was a great camp, hopefully Inoue sensei can come back next year to teach us more.