Marleen - Be a contributer or just a consumer

The main purpose for me to push you participating in the 2007 NZKF National Seminar (Winter Camp) is not for your techniques only. Because we are not able to upgrade our kendo level in two days camp. What I want to show you is a great sensei -- Inoue sensei.

I want you to know, to learn from a great contributer in Kendo, to set him as your own role model. Because all your life, you might not have the same oppertunity to see and listen to such a great person who contributes his whole life time in Kendo and makes big contribution to the society and others.

My thinking can be traced back to my own experiences via my three Te-nugui that I am using... The blue one is from Chu sensei (Hanshi Hachi Dan) around 20 years ago, the red one is from Mihula sensei (Hanshi Hachi Dan) around 15 years ago, and the green-blue one is from Sam.

Chu sensei has past away more than 10 years. Mihula sensei past away around two years ago. Whenever I use my blue tenugui, I think of Chu sensei. How he taught me and took care of me and other young people. How I always wanted to visite him but I have never done it by some reasons. How I always want to learn Japanese but with no oppertunity. Then I lost the good oppertunity to learn from Mihula sensei.

To be very honest, without those great sensei and senpai's teaching and taking care of, my Kendo journey won't last such long time. I won't turn myself from just a young consumer to a small contributer as I am now.

I always feel pitty for younger Kendo practioners in Taiwan who got less and less chances to see or listen to those real great Hanshi. Also, I learned a lesson from my experinces with Chu sensei. I know how bitter it is to take the medcine of regret.

You probably won't feel any lost not to attend the Camp because your Kendo age is still quite young. However, as your instructor, I have the responsibility to help you to broaden your view/ mind. I believe that Inoue sensei has set you a great vision of your Kendo journey.

We can do Kendo whole our life without any contribution to others.

We also can learn Kendo and make a change to become a good contributer right start from our good ki-ai now.