Kendo is a kind of life style

I feel kind of lost if I couldn't participating in Kendo training

My term 2 Beginners Class student Douglas told me that he has practice at home everyday since he started Kendo journey. He makes Kendo become his life style.

It's actually not easy for any kendo beginners.

Back to myself.
Since there are too many things need to be done befor the Winter Camp, just right next weekend. Therefore, I didn't have oppertunity to get change and train this afternoon as my initial plan. I don't feel good without training today because it becomes my habit.

It doesn't mean that my fitness is good enough now to get all the training done. Afetr 5 years semi-rest from Kendo, I actually don't have enough strength to perform as I was. However, via the feeling not being trained, I realized that I have gained my old life style back.

As Hsu sensi points out: Marleen, you have gotten Kendo cancer.
Yap, it's true.

~ By Marleen