Kevin - Self reflection and learning review from the 2007 NZKF Seminar

Kendo camp- Self reflection and learning review

First of all, I have to say: dear Sam and Marleen Sensei, I think your club rocks! I truly appreciate this opportunity and I am glad I am part of this wonderful Kendo family.

Now, without further a do, the followings are some of my reflections and learning reviews.

General practice: Some practices in the camp are new to me.
1. Jumping suburi with inter-changing foot steps: I find this quite interesting. In terms of how useful this is I've no idea.

2. Kiai/breath holding:

i. One breath loud Ki-ai competition: I suppose the training is good for endurance and extending the kia. Also as many people know, competition among peers leads to better training result. So I think this exercise is quite cool. I find myself often lack of kia sometimes and I think by doing this exercise will increase the strength of the kia of the individual as well as of the group.

ii. One breathe ki-ai with continuous hit (same strength) and in the last breath end with a loud kia. I find this helps keep the concentration and perhaps the strength of the hit.

3. Kirikaeshi: Due to my experience, I can only remember a few facts. I find when apply one breath kia here increase the concentration and perhaps the speed. One thing I do notice is because of my current skill level, I may start to cut with the wrong posture when my speed increases. Never the less, I think holding the kia is still a good practice.

The next kiri-kaeshi practice: hold one breath and finish one run of kiri kash, as soon as the opponent change the breath, you rush in and start the practice. I find this practice adds the intensity into the practice. Then again, my posture may be incorrect when the intensity and speed picks up like this. But I will work on it. This practice also makes the kendo practioner concentrate because you have to observe your opponent, have a good pace and be ready to attack at an instant.

In general, I find my cuts are better when I have one breathe loud kia or when my kia is strong and continous. However, whether this is true or not I am not so sure. (maybe it was just the lack of oxygen in my brain makes me feel funny)

In conclusion, I had a really good time in the camp. Group of people working together towards a common goal really helps to achieve high level of motivation, inspiration and moral. After I attended this camp, even a slacked and lazy person like me feels inspired to work harder. Just one more time, I'd like to say "thank you, Waikato Kendo club".


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PS From Sam: We had some discussion about [Ki-ai] at four forum. If you are interested, please go to have a look.