Robin's advice to his son Daniel about Kendo

2007/08/04 21:39

This afternoon, after the normal training session. Robin and i had a littel conversation.

He told me that Daniel thinks coming back to Kendo recently. However, he told him that if he wants to coming back because of other reason rather than for Kendo self. He'd better not.

But if he really made his mind to come back, he can come back after the Winter Camp.

I feel this is a right Kendo mind.
You attend Kendo training/ journey just because Kendo self rather than you got trouble from other place/sport.

Actually, Robin eagers his son back to Kendo for quite a while but he still hold quite clear mind to give his son a good advice. This must be a very difficult situation to him, I deeply believe.

I admire his parenting very much.

~ By Marleen