Kendo and me - Andrew

Hi Sam,

the last few months at Kendo has been a challenging time both physically and mentally for me. The circle jumping suburi has been hard work as we go around it seems like the longest 5 minutes of exercise but when we finish it feels good!! I will defnitely be trying the method that you told us to use less power.

Yesterday however I realised after doing Keiko how unfit I still am and sometimes wonder how I am going to keep up with these younger sempai who are progressing so very fast and are so nimble on their feet. I have realised how important the kihon basics are to kendo and am looking forward to trying to better these this year.

In Kendo somedays I feel like I really am getting somewhere and other days I feel like I don't know anything and i have gone backwards.

So Sam, I will keep trying to move forward! and to relax. I feel we are so lucky to have Jeffery, Marleen and Sam as teachers at different times as we get feedback from different perspectives.

I think we have an excellent core of dedicated kendoists in our club now that really can take it up to the next level. The group spirit is awesome, and when training is tough that really helps.

Thanks for reading.