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My Refection for kendo

For me kendo is not just a sport but also something on a spiritual and mental level That requires patients, spirit, mind and will power. Trying to make mind, body and spirit into one bond and being. Which is very very hard as I am quite uncoordinated sometimes with my body I tell it to do something but it doesn’t do it well or it doesn’t do it at all. Or my mind is too full of thoughts or too empty. I believe in time this will be something a will get better at but it will take time as do all thing’s in life.

What I have discovered while doing kendo is I have learnt a little about patients due to my injuries there fore I can apply this to my every day life. Also seeing everyone improve week by week as I watched it was awesome keep it going guys.

I’ve become More in depth with my body’s movementMore understanding of timing of footwork and strike (together) with snap of the wrist But still have very long way to go (only at the bottom of the mountain now and getting the equipment ready at this stage once this is done I can start climbing the mountain)What I mean by this is at the bottom of the mountain is the beginning of my kendo journey and the equipment is the basics movement, knowledge and techniques I must learn before I can truly start to fully understand kendo.

My dream or goal for my journey in kendo is to become a great teacher of kendo like Sam sensei and Marleen sensei and Jeffery senpai. And also achieve the highest-grade possible of myself. And NZ champion maybe world too but like Sam sensei said at the dinner on the camp get married before cause championship maybe a very long way in the end to achieve. 

Kendo has made me a better person and I thank Sam sensei and Marleen sensei and Jeffery senpai and everyone else. I have gained a lot of knowledge from kendo and understanding but not just this I also have found new friends and someone very special and cherish to me.

Thank you everyone for keeping the club alive. See you at tomorrows training.



Something More Important than Dreams. Its Always There.

Theres Always Something More Important Then Our Selves or our Dreams