Kendo and me - Clark

Dear Teachers and Club mates:

To be honest, the Kendo training in this period deeply impact me in two ways: psychologically and physically.

Before I start my kendo training, I had an introverted personality and always refused to communicate and exchange ideas with others. Furthermore, I often considered things in a negative way. However, I have changed since the first Teacher Sam’s lecture. Sam said: “In Kendo, we should be open. The open is not only for training our “气” and “技”,it is also a training for our mental power. Just like the brand of our club shown: ‘ 习技修心.’ .” From that time, I began to understand the spirit power is the indictor for all other things in our life. After that, I studied to think things in positive way and I also become more self-confident than before. Now I am sure I will be success because I believe in it and I never give up.

In physical part, I have enhanced my coordination, balance and flexibility than before. When I was young, I always wanted to be a real hero that is “文武双全”. However, at the moment, it was just a dream tome. Now, it is not only a dream, I trust it is an actual target in my future.

Finally, I want to share my observations in today’s grading. The obvious difference between us (juniors) and 前辈 (seniors) is the point of “ki-ken-tai-yichi”. In our juniors’ cuts, the cutting and stepping are evidently separated (arriving at different time). However, most seniors’ cuttings are exactly matched with their stepping. In my opinion, the coordination of “ki-ken-tai-yichi” for us (juniors) is the most important and urgent mission.

Please forgive my poor English.

Best regards,