What I have learned - Amy

Firstly,I've learned how to do the footwork while I am playing kendo. The right foot should be in front of the left foot, and it has become horizontal way when we move our foot. When we're doing Kamae, Suburi, footwork is the most important and the basic items, that we must notify and practice more correctly and smoothly .

Next I have learned doing Men. We have to adjust the height of our shinai when we're facing people who is taller or shorter than us. Maintain the appropriate distance and hold our shinai properly. Besides, doing kote just hold your shinai lower than doing Men. We have to stretch our arms and strike parallel of our shinai. I seldom do the “Do” in the training. I think it's quite hard for me to do this skill. Because I have being brought the shinai down and draw like a circle and I run through on each side of Zanshin, then continue to do the same action.

Finally is doing kirikaeshi.we have to do Men in a big action, do tai-atari with our partner and jump back. , then go forward do a big motion , strike left and right sides, then continue to do nine times each. After doing these movements, then do two big Men and finish the practice.

In my opinion, I need to do more practice and training .However, I'll do my best and work hard in all the practice. Hope I'll improve a lot day by day.