Kendo reflection - Clement

Dear Sam,

These past few trainings have been most humbling, Irealised the depth that Kendo has to offer.

Thanks to Jeffrey Senpais guidance, I was able toslowly improve my cuts. We mostly practised thebasics, footwork, stamping and Kiri-Kaeshi. Yet heshowed me how much further I needed to go.I would like to use a quote that reflects my journeyin Kendo; "The more I learn, the more I realise, howmuch I don't know". Thanks to Jeffrey Senpai, Iunderstand how much I still need to work on mystrikes.

Every time I practise my Men, Kote, Do cuts, I feel unsatisfied and compelled to further improve them.Ki-Ken-Tai-no-Ichi, Te-no-uchi, Following up of theleft leg, using big cuts, 30% back, 70% forward,40-80, 50-100 etc. This made me appreciate thechallenge of Kendo, to be committed to one self andcontinue to strive for perfection.

In yesterdays grading, I was taught yet another lesson: teamwork.

I realised I was too occupied on my strikes, stampsand kiai that I have forgotten to practise my role asa Mototachi. As a consequence I was unable to give myopponent Kevin the full opportunity to demonstrate hiscuts [which would have affected his outcome, SorryKevin! >< ]

It also affected our Kata, with our distance or Ma aitoo far and our cuts a little out of synchronisation.

Marleen Sensei once said that teamwork is vital in Kendo. I've learnt that no matter how strong you are,you are only as strong as the weakest person in yourteam. So yesterdays experience reminded me thatmototachi is just as, if not, more important than thestriker.

Meanwhile, I will continue praticing my Kendo, nomatter how difficult and tough it may be. I understand how challenging Kendo is...

...but I like a challenge =)

Clement [I think I wrote too much haha..]