Kendo reflection - Kevin

Hello Sam sensei

Here are my thoughts abouth Kendo:

I think Kendo is a patience training. I look at sen sei(s) and some sen pais and I just feel I am so far far away from thier level. Yet, i know i've been improving, just that it is so slow that it's very anooying but there's nothing i can do about it.

Enough with my complains. I have not got a lot of theories or understandings of Kendo at my level. I treat kendo as a sport, and I just want to do it well. Yeah, that's pretty much my goal for kendo now.

I am happy that I've "upgraded" in the grading this time. Despite I think I am probably not up to 4th kyu but hey, since I am one now, all I have to do is to work and live up to it. I realise it will probably take me a long time to reach a non-beginer level but like the chinese proverb has said" drops of water over time can gradually penetrate the boulder." I will just have to be patient and keep coming to the trairing then.

So~~thank you Sam and Marleen Sen sei and all the people in Waikato Kendo Club. See you guys all in the training!