Kendo reflection - Ari

Since coming back to kendo this year I've found myself to be more lazy, i haven't been doing my best. However when it came to grading i worked very hard and put my all into passing... i think this is probably a bad attitude. I didn't notice my lazyness until i trained with terry, he made me work very hard and i realised i hadn't been getting that same feeling of working hard in a while. My resolve therefore is to put my all into training, stop hesitating in bouts and to be generally less wussy.

I feel like I've gotten better at kata and kendo strikes but as far as fighting is concerned i can feel only a very minor improvement since beginning kendo, only on very rare occasions have i been able to use waza and as a rule i just have to throw myself at my opponent until i get a valid point. is that normal for my level?

This is all for now,

Cheers, Ari.