08A Beginners Class 1st session

Waikato Kendo Club
Thursday 13th Mar. 2008
6.10 – 7.30pm First session of 08A

A. Management

1. Spread information sheets –
 Enrolment form/
 Kendo Q & A/
 08 WKC Year plan

B. First session

I. Introducing the Club & Coach, coaching assistants

1. Waikato Kendo association
2. Achievement of our Dojo (Association).
3. Chief Instructors – Marleen & Sam
4. Today’s helpers – Robin P., Awatea, Clement, Omar, Clark, Tian
5. Today’s programme.

II. Conversation Given by Robin P. (Kendo 1st Dan)
Topic: Kendo Etiquettes

III. Demonstration by Omar, Awatea & Clement

C. A fun challenge to our "ONE year old" Kendoka.

D. Afterwards…

A very BIG thanks to Robin P., Awatea, Clement, Omar, Clark, Tian for they show a team work spirit of the Club. Special thanks to Daniel P. for his help of taking care of Joyce.