Few Thoughts after the shiai keiko on March 15 - Clark

Dear Sensei,

I want to thank you for giving us such good practicing firstly.

In the shiai, I fighted with Dabao. The main difference between this shiai keiko and the competiton in beginner cup is that all of us tried to use more real kendo techniques in the competition than before. Before the start, I thought about so many plans to fight by using the skills I learned in last month, especially the Kote-men cut and small men cut. And, in the process, I also tried my best. However, I could not work those skills out correctly. In my opinion, the main reason is that I am lack of more hard training and I have not comprehensively learned those skills yet.

After that, because of my bloody dissertation, I could not fully focus on my kendo training in these days, sorry about that.

Finally, Dabao is really stronger and better than what he was in the Beginner Cup and Good Will Cup. In the following days, I will study more about our senpais' training and competition to learn how to cut correctly in the real shiai.

Best regards,