RE: Benjamin's experience with first dojo in Japan

Marleen's reply to Benjamin's dojo experience in Japan:

Dear Benjamin,

It's an enjoyment to read your experiences in JP Dojo.
Don't worry about the length of your email.

I like your observation and thoughts.

No wonder you won the first prize in your department. Lizel told me. Her daughter used to be Joyce's classmate. They are still playing together.

If you don't mind, I would like to ask Sam post your "JP Kendo experiences" in our training blog in a serious to share your old mates. You actually are more like a journalist to us now.

Please be our eyes to see JP Dojo.

Also, please give a BIG kiss and THANKS to your girl friend. Thanks her to take care of you in JP for us.

Wish you all the best


Benjamin's 2nd mail

Yes, please go ahead if you want to post it somewhere. I will try to upload some videos too, so that you can see what I meant in the text.

Also, I wish to emphasise again that I feel really good about how and what you teach at the dojo: from watching I could clearly see the contrast in kendo between us and them (even if it was a different style).

See ya