Training programme for 22nd March 08

Waikato Kendo Club
Saturday 22nd Mar. 2008
3.10 – 6.00pm

A. Management

1. Do not hand in any payment today because office box is not here.

B. Training

I. Warm up time
Jumping suburi 60 origional + 10 x 3

II. Kihon training focus –
Feeling about your Kensen
Manage distance from extend your arms + small foot step.
For KM, please DO strike along with your central line;
not worry whether you got the point or not.
CENTRE and DISTANCE CONTROL is more important at this stage.

a. Kirikaishi x 5
b. Big semei (Kensen push to opponent’s tsuba) M 5 x 5
c. Small semei (Kensen push to opponent’s tsuba) M 5 x 5
d. BIG Kote-M 3 x 5
e. Small Kote-M 3 x 5
@ 10 minutes break

III. Stage two -- Kakari-geiko (one side each 15 x 6)

Reference -- Big M – KM – KM+ Hiki D – KM – M Hiki M – KM Hiki D – M – Big M

IV. Cool down – Awatea takes charge

V. Afterward – Any feed back to Darrin?