Few Thoughts after the shiai keiko on March 15 - Clement

Dear Marleen,

I've finally learnt what it is like to be in a team shiai, to work as a team. The pressure and stress was new to me, and it was a great experience.

To be honest, I can't remember what actually happened between me and Ms Fumiko san. Maybe because the first few shiais went so fast I did not have the time to think. But afterwards, I learn about the importance of cheering.

Shouting words of support was never easy to me, but I realised that you do so to raise the teams spirit.

You cheer on your team so they have the extra drive to defeat the opponents. So even though you may not be fighting alongside your team mates, your kiai will.

And like Terry senpai once said, "Kiai is half the battle".

Clement (^ ^;)


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