Message from Walter

Message from Walter - commenting on "Another Clip found by Robin"

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Aha! Now that I have found out how to post comments, here is what I wanted to say originally:

It is great to read everyone's thoughts here. It is clear the WKC has many highly motivated students. I can also see that people are really thinking about their kendo from the physical, mental and spiritual angles.

This indicates that the club has very good students and also very good teachers! (I knew this already, but it is nice to have confirmation :) ).

I really enjoy training at Rembuden but reading this blog made me want to at least visit my old club and see how everything is going. I need some money first, of course.... :)

I will see many of you in May for the National Champs in Auckland, Im sure.


PS: It was great to read everyone's reflections on last year's national camp. 2008's will be here in Wellington in August (exact date not yet confirmed), so I hope as many people as possible are able to come.